Wenger: ‘ No Player Price related to the use value ‘

Arsenal’s MANAGER, Arsene Wenger criticized some expensive transfer in summer 2017.

2017 summer transfer period is the period witnessed a record 116 million u.s. dollars in 2016 of Paul Pogba was overtaken twice. In the first, Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona with 263 million. And in the second, the young striker Dembele from Dortmund for Barca with prices up to 178 million (including 125 million pay and 53 million depending on the merits).

“Today’s players have no relation to the actual value. I take the example: Dembele last year cost 17 million, while the year was 178 million. Whether is a good COACH, you also cannot increase in value 10 times up players after only a year. The forecast calculations between the amount invested and the value can be made has passed. The only issue now is: do you buy or not, “COACH Wenger criticized in an interview 6/9 minutes.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of the new players separation Wenger when joined Liverpool for about 45 million dollars. Reasons why Arsenal decided to sell is because British stars won’t sign the additional agreement expires in a year.

While Oxlade-Chamberlain’s departure, coach Wenger kept by be Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean striker also just expires a year contract and each was Man City bid to 90 million dollars.

COACH Wenger revealed: “Arsenal paid a great price to keep Sanchez. In addition to 90 million dollars can be earned, the team also spent a similar sum to buy other players about replacement the following season. In some stages, you must accept the sacrifice of one or two players. ”