MU buy 90 million Bale: Real has available “the conspiracy”

At this very real want to sell Bale for MU and will do anything to trade being poured hot.

MU buy 90 million Bale: Real nodded still afraid to pour hot

Right in the transfer period, Real has very like to sell Bale to get the money to pursue Mbappe but Wales midfielder resolutely refused, unwilling to go out as a loser.


This affair is being “Reds” connect again and the Real is also willing to open the door. The fact COACH Zidane had bored Crystal feet of Bale, so though there is “sweetie” by Perez, the star number 11 must still line up to leave Madrid.

Even when not buying is still in the hands of Zidane, Mbappe full quality cards to place Bale as Vasquez or Asensio. Featured form of Asensio as bringing Bale left the Bernabeu was pushed up sooner.

And let this affair trót finalist, Zidane and Perez have available a “conspiracy”. Accordingly, Bale will be imprisoned on the bench a lot this season, even when Real face with dense schedule.

Work to Bale out will frequently is how to keep the legs, keeping the bad possible for Wales midfielder. So when the transfer market opens, Real will not lose too much price. In addition, to the reserve is also a way of making them depressed.

Of course, the frequency of ice-breaks of the Bale will be Zidane a reasonable balance to avoid trouble internally as well as to “offer” for MU.

MU buy 90 million Bale: Mourinho ready to sacrifice De Gea

The newspaper Don Balon (Spanish) for Zinedine Zidane and the COACH, or the President Florentino Perez had planned to sell Gareth Bale in the future. Players age 28 had missed so many matches because of ongoing injury in the previous season.

This season, he seems to also not true fullness. Bale just League consecutively on the same DT 4 Wales in 2018 World Cup qualification. Medical team in Real concern how often export easy appearances make Bale a new injury.

In this summer’s transfer window, coach Zidane has claimed actually sell Guo Bale but missed because Mbappe affair damaged (to PSG on loan for 1 year and the following year 180 million buyout). Thus French troops home would like Bale in the summer maximum again the following year.

Say that opportunities to buy Bale right, 1/2018 very wide open with MU. In recent years, “the Red Devils” is often to contact team recruited Bale. COACH Jose Mourinho ever revealed to want to have a world-class winger and Bale is the solution that you need.

Also according to sources on the, MU can own Gareth Bale with the price of 90 million pounds. This is nothing too expensive compared to the price of the players on the transfer market at the moment, while Real also spent 85 million to buy the former Tottenham STAR.

Accepts eject Bale, but Real still yet abandon De Gea (price about 60 million) transfer deficit year after 2015 because error fax machine. Accordingly, the Champions League and La Liga ĐKVĐ asking to “Kickback” MU into Spanish in the summer next year.

By now, in advance, the Express (uk) revealed that COACH Mourinho has promised, he will just keep De Gea stayed one more season and then PUBIC Affairs decide the future for goalkeeper at age 27. “Special People” know the intention of returning to Madrid of De Gea grew.