FB88 casino introduce new game money wheel in July 2019

The Money Wheel was launched at FB88 Casino in July 2019. It is a variation of 6 optional to bet (fish, prawn, crab, coin, gourd, or rooster), which is the game with the large vertical wheel,and usually dealt by an attractive female dealer.

What makes the Money Wheel different is 56 stops instead of 54, and some of them are multipliers. The aim is to place a bet on the symbol that you think will be lucky at a stop on it, The Odds for the sections are displayed on the chip unders

promotion lucky wheel

Simply place a bet on the main bets (a number) or side bets (fish, prawn, crab, coin, gourd, or rooster) you believe the wheel will stop at

Main Bets

1,2,9,16,24,SA Gold (50), SA Black (50)

Side Bets

Fish, Prawn, Crab, Coin, Gourd, or Rooster

lucky wheel betting

All main bet are paid on a to one basis with the odds matching the number in the wining segment for main bets. Whereas, all side bet are paid on a 9 to 2 basis.

The dealer then spin the wheels. When it come to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by a pointer mounted on a flexible piece of leather at the top of the wheel.

If the number cannot be determined, the dealer will spin the wheel again until the number can be determined

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

The RTP of this game is 94.44%

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