World Cup 2018: Brazil vs Switzerland match on 18/06

Set a match between Brazil and Switzerland at 1:00 pm on June 18. Update the World Cup information from reputable home FB88.COM

The performance of the two teams recently

One day, the next big team will have a match in 2018 World Cup this year. It is the Brazilian team, one of the top candidates for the championship. Their opponents, the Swiss team with relatively good quality and play quite uncomfortable. This will be a challenge for Neymar and his teammates in the first match.

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Brazil team

Brazil entered the World Cup 2018 with great confidence after the impressive momentum. In particular, the yellow shirt team went to Russia with 11 consecutive unbeaten games, including nine wins and two draws. Last time coach Tite teacher must get defeat has taken place since June 2017.

It is more impressive when the list of Brazil’s top scorers in that series also have teams ‘horns’ as Germany, Chile, or England. In the last five appearances, Brazil have not conceded, and just before the 2018 World Cup, Samba dancers welcomed the impressive return of the biggest star, Neymar.

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Despite being highly rated, Brazil are also expected not to be able to get an easy start against the Swiss team, as this European championship is equally impressive. Switzerland have been unbeaten in six consecutive games with 4 victories and two draws. The highlight of the troop under the hands of coach Vladimir Petkovic is a solid defense when conceding only one goal in that series.

Swiss team

The Swiss team, although hardly comparable to Brazil, also owns a number of “cheeky” players playing in Europe. So, this will be a test for the strength and ambition of the Brazilian team.

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Information force

Brazil: Fred is unlikely to recover from injury.

Switzerland: the strongest team.

Probable teams

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